Join us for a festive evening with a variety of venders! 



Please see the below list of preferred items to be donated to End 68 Hours of Hunger! 

Peanut Butter: 16 oz. Plastic Jar

Canned Pasta with Meat: 15 oz

Dinty Moore Stews: 15 oz

Chicken Noodle Soup: 101/2 oz

Vegetable Beef Soup: 101/2 oz

Mac & Cheese: Boxes only

Fruit Cups: 4-Pack

Granola Bars

Cereal: 8 pack-Individual size

Canned Tuna: 5 oz

Canned Ham: 5 oz

Pork & Beans: 11 oz

Vienna Sausage: 4.75 oz

Applesauce Cups: Individual

Pudding Cups: Individual

Juice Boxes: Individual size