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I am beyond thrilled to announce the collaboration with a remarkable woman who I know will be a great asset to current and future patients here at In Good Hands!

May I introduce you all Chellsey Latham NC, DNOM


Chel 1


Chellsey, holds her Doctorate in Naturopathy and believes in a whole-istic approach to nutrition with emphasis on a whole foods plant based lifestyle. Through evidence supported research she is dedicated and passionate about the healing powers of food and nourishment of the body inside and out.

The areas of focus for Chellsey include:

Cancer Prevention & Elimination 

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure / Cholesterol 




Chellsey will be holding upcoming nutritional workshops, as well as seeing clients at the office on Tuesdays here in Wolfeboro beginning April 10th .Check out her website: for more information and to schedule with her.

I truly believe this is the start of a very healthy and healing alliance!

Our practice members often ask us, “how long will it take until I am living a pain free life?”  While there is no set length of time associated with the initial phase of care when you begin treatment at our office. I would like to explain the three phases of care we focus on at In Good Hands:

1. Initial Intensive Care: This phase of care focuses on the symptom(s) or condition(s) which lead an individual to visit our office.  It is designed to provide maximum relief and upfront healing. The goal is to get rid of the most recent damage done by vertebral subluxations and restore proper movement to the spine. The length of this phase of care is dependent on a few factors, such as: age, and level of health.  When following the recommended frequency of care, the average amount of time spent in this phase is a few short months. Younger patients usually require less time in this phase due to less subluxations, and degeneration. 

 ​2. Reconstructive Care: This is an exciting phase of care, which focuses on whole body health, rather than relieving the practice members’ chief complaint. After many years of injuries to the spine, there are layers of damage that can be addressed in this phase of care. Many practice members see other positive health changes during this phase, as their nervous system begins to function more optimally. This phase of care decreases in frequency of visits and can last anywhere from weeks to months depending on the amount of damage built up around the spine . It is important to remember that the initial intensive and reconstructive care is integral to your healing, and although our bodies may take different lengths of time to heal and repair we can never skip over the biological laws that govern this process!

3. Wellness Care: To me this is the most exciting care! I like to call it regular checkups for your spine and nervous system. After going through initial intensive care and reconstructive care, the body is ready to express total health. In this phase we encourage our practice members to be seen a couple times a month in order to maintain all the healing, growth, and repair they experienced in the first two phases of care. This allows the body to function and express health at the greatest level.

Remember, your health is a journey and while we are here to assist you on that expedition, ultimately you are in the driver’s seat.  Next time your friends and family ask, “how long do you have to go to the chiropractor?” you can tell them, “as long as I want to function optimally and express my full health potential!”

We must nourish to flourish! 

                                   Join us for a festive evening with a variety of venders! 



Please see the below list of preferred items to be donated to End 68 Hours of Hunger! 

Peanut Butter: 16 oz. Plastic Jar

Canned Pasta with Meat: 15 oz

Dinty Moore Stews: 15 oz

Chicken Noodle Soup: 101/2 oz

Vegetable Beef Soup: 101/2 oz

Mac & Cheese: Boxes only

Fruit Cups: 4-Pack

Granola Bars

Cereal: 8 pack-Individual size

Canned Tuna: 5 oz

Canned Ham: 5 oz

Pork & Beans: 11 oz

Vienna Sausage: 4.75 oz

Applesauce Cups: Individual

Pudding Cups: Individual

Juice Boxes: Individual size

Join us for another fun filled event at the office. Check out our facebook page for more details!

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I enjoy answering all questions a patient may have because it opens up the opportunity to take part in one of my favorite aspects of being a chiropractor and that is patient education. After all the word Doctor means, “to-teach” in Latin.

The question I get most from new practice members, “Doc, what can I do on my own to help me get better faster?”

It has always been my opinion, both personal and professional, that there are many keys to having total body health, outside of a chiropractic adjustment. I can be the world’s greatest chiropractor, a title I work toward daily, but if a practice member leaves my office to a stressful environment with little rest, poor diet, and no exercise, how long can the positive effects of chiropractic care last? This is why the acronym D.R.E.A.M. is a powerful tool for a patient to evaluate his or her own total body health:

D iet
R est
E xercise
A djustment
M ental Health

At its roots, DREAM, is about finding balance in those five elements that contribute in the improvement of health.  With the aid of the internet, healthy recipes and workouts are at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

So how do I find a balance in my life? It comes with an understanding of my body, what works and what doesn’t, as well as what healthy choices can I stick with long term. I know that I don’t ever want to live in a world where ice cream doesn’t exist so I make sure I eat well 90% of the time  (ok 85% of the time but who’s counting).  I find that with Yoga I am able to mix my exercise with stress relief.  Yoga isn’t for everyone, but it is important to find something you love to do that engages you physically and doesn’t add stress to your life.

When you have found your balance between diet, rest, exercise, and mental health that world-renowned adjustment I deliver becomes even more powerful in restoring the proper function between brain and body.  Plus, what is a girl to do if the messages from your bicep to the Ben and Jerry’s container aren’t functioning at 100%?

Remember, it’s okay to take care of YOU because, “you can’t medicate yourself out of a disease you behaved yourself into.”

We are open and in full swing here at In Good Hands Chiropractic and so very excited to care for you and your whole family. Give us a call during office hours and we will be happy to get you and your loved ones scheduled in!