Patient Testimonials

Here's what our patients have to say about In Good Hands Chiropractic, PLLC.

Received great info & got relief from my first session.
Loni lugg

Nice, low key atmosphere... Dr. Renee is very knowledgeable and helped me with my restricted neck movement and improving flexibility.
James Giuca

I have seen many different Chiros over the years and appreciate Dr Renne's laid back manner. There is no pressure at her pratice, but she is quite knowledgele in her administering of care and discussing the issues with patients. I love that I can stop in as needed or can work a more intensive plan if I have a bigger problem. I would definitely recommened her practice!

After 4 months of severe back and leg pain and 3 months of seeing pain doctors and physical therapy and a lot of out of pocket costs, I was referred by a friend to see Renee.

After my first consultation and some adjustments I walk out with no pain.

Renee is informative, knowledgeable, and very skilled.

I would and have referred and recommend anyone to see Renee. She is amazing.

My four year old daughter Eden suffered from severe asthma and respiratory infections. We battled endless pediatric doctor visits for breathing checks and hospital visits, 2 different breathing treatments every 2-4 hours, antibiotics and disgusting prednisone medication, it seemed the more we treated her medically the worse she got. In the last 2 years Eden’s asthma has drastically improved with regular chiropractic adjustments she have been able to avoid breathing treatments and other prescribed medications. Dr. Renee has made a huge difference in our lives, helping Eden stay healthy and happy.
Anina S

I had never been to a chiropractor before and I finally decided it was time when the pain and inflammation in my hip made it just about impossible to sit or walk. I barely walked into Dr. Renee's office. She did a wonderful job of explaining what she was looking at and why certain things may happen in our bodies. She is a wonderful educator as well as a wonderful chiropractor! I walked out of her office!! I still have quite a bit of work to do, but she did a wonderful job of adjusting me, giving me a plan of care and hope! My husband witnessed Dr. Renee's work and is now filling out the papers so he can give chiropractic care a-go! Thank you Dr. Renee!!

I had no been to a Chiropractor since I had back surgery almost four years ago. Dr. Renee talks to you about your back and does a great job explaining what her process is. My back hasn’t felt this strong in a long time. Thank you Dr. Renee for all your help and helping me keep my back pain free. Kathy Champagne
Kathy Champagne

In the past 5 years I have had a cervical spine operation, one knee replacement, and going for another. Pain meds don't take all the pain away. My first visit with Dr. Renee until now have made all the difference. My twice a week visits have helped me cope with the pain. Dr. Renee makes the proper adjustments but more importantly for me is that she takes the time to explain about my body and my limitations in movement. Dr. Renee has a lot of compassion for her patients!
Michael Kay

Dr. Renee is a very caring and capable chiropractor. On my very first visit she was able to alleviate a very debilitating case of sciatica. She is gifted with a healing touch. Thank you so much for helping.
John Levesque

When I started seeing Dr. Renee Tetreault in the outpatient clinic at Life University I was suffering from from chronic migraines. Dr. Tetreault has been working with me patiently over the last three years. Her knowledge and compassion are incomparable. I enjoy a healthier life with her influence and I have been almost completely migraine free for a year. I have recommended Dr. Tetreault to my friends and family, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to achieve a pain free life. Dr. Tetreault's drive for full body health makes her an exceptional chiropractor.